According To Hoyt

There is a war on.  People who can do things, even just the things our parents could do, or less, are losing.

I noticed it first in elementary school.  Not MY elementary school, with a tiny class and an 70 year old teacher who always seemed faintly surprised when someone wasn’t learning.  And who backed her surprise with a wooden ruler when she thought someone was WILLFULLY not learning.  (Yeah, she sometimes misfired on that.  There were obvious disabilities, like the mentally slow girl to whom she was very gentle, but dyslexia and transposing of letters she was sure was a prank someone was playing on her. It didn’t go well for the dyslexics.  I managed my number thing almost imperceptibly, but the friend who just scrambled letters was number one target for a while.)

No, I noticed it in the kids’ public school, when they entered.  Both boys —…

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