Gaslighted. I like that

According To Hoyt

I normally don’t do two posts in a day, and I never do a post just to say “go and watch this” — well, there’s a first time for every one.

When people ask why I came out politically though it will (maybe has already) cost me readers I say “so you know you’re not alone.”  And also so that I don’t have to lie to myself, till I think I’m crazy.  This might not seem important.  But it is.  To gaslight an entire society you have to get them to keep silent.  You have to convince people that everyone sane believes what you do.  Those other people?  Oh, those are fringe voices, those are crazy and/or stupid.  The good people are all with us.

(And btw, every time I post against the left orthodoxy some idiot calls me “stupid” — Eh.)

I talk so you know you’re not alone.

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