Works and Days » A Culture in Ruins. I should just post everything that Victor Davis Hanson writes.

In a society where endorsing fairness and equality equates with success, no supposedly arbitrary canons can exclude much of anything. Who are you to say that song A is bad, or movie B is good, given your own class, race, and gender privileges that result in excluding someone or something? The less dialogue and the more explosions and nudity earn supposedly more ticket-buyers, at least until a new generation wishes to build something from the ashes.

This seems particularly appropriate to me, as I am trying to clean up and update my music library. There is virtually no new music that contains thoughtful lyrics, a good melody, and doesn’t rely on overt references to sex or obscenities.

The same is true for movies. My wife and I love to go to the movies, and it is often the case that there is nothing we would want to spend money on. Nowadays the only villains are those evil corporations. We watched White House Down last night. It was a typical action thriller, but the political undertones were blatant.  The White House is taken over by white supremacists, presumably because Jamie Fox is the President, and he is black. It turns out that the strings are being pulled by an evil white politician in cahoots with the defense industry. It ruined the movie for me. But then, what are we to expect from this culture.