In government-created market, Wall Street wins

It always makes sense to follow the money. Altruism and best intentions are often manipulated to someone’s benefit. So, when my tax dollars ultimately end up enriching some corporation, I am upset. but not the same way some of my progressive friends might be. People try to influence political decisions, because that’s where the money is.

Special interests have been around since civilization began. It is human nature for people to try to improve their situation, and to use whatever means necessary to do so. Before the rise of democracies, rich people got rich by staying close to the rulers. Influence = Power = Money. The same is true today. Why do liberals try to deny human nature and try to legislate outcomes? They criticize evil corporations for acting in their best interests, and then shrug their shoulders when their policies ends up enriching one of their cronies.

The answer is to reduce the amount of money that the variety of governments in this country take from us and redistribute. There may be some corporations that continue to game the system, but it will be their money they risk, not ours

Abolish ALL tax subsidies to corporations, agriculture, education, social work, etc.  We don’t need the government to hire consultants to see how people like them on Facebook,

We also need to evaluate the efficacy of defense spending. Do we need a military base in every Congressional district? (Yes, that’s an exaggeration, I know, but do we need all the ones we have?)

Sunset all regulations.  If there is a real need to re-establish something, it will come up.

The less money the government takes and spends, and the less influence they exert over everyone’s lives, the less incentive will exist to try to influence actions.