As a History major in college, I absolutely agree with what this article is saying. History today is Bunk. The best current history writers  are  non-academics.

Long Live Human Wave History

According To Hoyt

*I fell in love with reading history when I swiped my brother’s high school textbooks when I was five or six.  But by the time I was in college and reading for my American Culture class, I found myself giggling insanely at how stupid the book — and the stuff we had to read — was.  It was one vast slough of despond with group after group being exploited, dehumanized, etc.  The only way to be well thought of was to lose a war or be exterminated.  Southerners went from being villains to being heroes once they lost the civil war, for instance, to being villains again in the present day.  One couldn’t follow the thing with rationality — at all.  TX Red just explained why.  As with the slough of despond on “literary science fiction” shelves the answer is “because the elites are so childish they think depression makes…

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