Why U.S. Health Care Costs More Than Canada’s: “A Mercedes Costs More than a Corolla” – YouTube.

Listen to his explanation that mandates and unnecessary add-ons raise the cost of health care. I still think that we need to eliminate third party payer completely, with the exception of catastrophic incidents. if people have to reach into their pocket and pay for something themselves, they will be more careful. Insurance companies are blamed for the high costs, but it is really our self interest that is responsible. If you don’t know what something really costs, you will always want a Mercedes even you if are only paying Corolla prices. Obamacare or any other type of universal coverage won’t change our self-interested nature, it will just create more rationing.

The first step would be to give individuals the same tax deduction that businesses get for healthcare costs. Poor people could get a tax credit or a voucher.